OM! Bond of the Adamantine Being
Protector of my essential nature
May your unshakeable Wisdom be my surety
Your diamond nature ever stands at the seat of my being.
Be strong for me in times of conflict and self-doubt,
Let me realise the joy of effort directed with a pure motive;
Let me realise the bliss of your unstained nature, which is no nature
Let me realise the great Love that ever flows through the universe
let auspiciousness attend all that I do,
Let your perfect nature arise spontaneously within me,
Let there be no thought of separation or impurity.
The laughter of the unchained mind echoes forever!

Everything is blessed with Buddhamind!
Liberate me.
Oh you diamond-centred and jewel-adorned!
Encompass me, oh you who are beyond all time and space!
Believe in my sincere efforts;
Destroy all doubt;
Dispell all ignorance and darkness with your diamond-centred light.
Oh Great Hero of the Universal Bond
May all fear be destroyed