Suḍāka trained in 2005 in ChiangMai in the ancient art of Thai massage. Thai massage is a tradition of one to one body work, which has its origins in India, dating back to the time of the Buddha.

Traditionally, it was associated with monasteries in Thailand as an expression of metta (loving kindness) practice, so fundamental to Buddhist practice. 

The massage is based around pressure and stretching movements akin to yoga and shiatsu. 

Muscle and connective tissue, as well as the energy lines of the body called sen lines are worked. The Northern style emphasises gentle and rhythmic action, working the whole lines, opposed to the stronger pressure point work of the Southern style. 

The massage is relaxing, but also thorough and is a great workout. It promotes the process of healing and detoxifying, as well as the opening and softening the body. Practiced in a meditative atmosphere with gentle hands, it facilitates a deeper process of "arriving into ones being" to take place.

Thai massage is done clothed, (wear light, warm clothes), and on the floor, on mat or blankets.

Suḍāka is available for Thai massage sessions when in town. 

  • Thai Massage: 60 minutes, 35 €
  • Shiatsu: 60 minutes, 35 €


Shiatsu therapy

I offer 60 minute treatments at the Buddhist Centre in the therapy room.

Contact me for an appointment.

Lung meridianShiatsu (指 圧 Japanese 指 (Shi), finger, and 圧 (Atsu), pressure) is a traditional therapy originating in Japan, which is based on the application of localized pressure by action of the fingers and palms of the therapist on the receiver.

There are two main schools of Shiatsu, one based on western anatomical and physiological theory and the other based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Shiatsu is evolving, and its various styles incorporate (to differing degrees) aspects of Japanese traditional massage, traditional Chinese medicine and Western anatomy and physiology.

A Shiatsu session HARA DOtypically involves the diagnosis of the current condition of the receiver. This is followed by a course of dealing with both the physical body and toning, calming and balancing the body-energy, working the various lines or channels in the body called meridians.

Finally, some suggestions can be given to issues of lifestyle, diet or we can explore a more spiritual or existential issues.

I qualified as a Shiatsu therapist in 2013 in the Hara Do School of Shiatsu in Valencia.